A Year of Growth at KDI

Time flies when you're having fun! Today on the blog we reflect on KatalystDI's first year as a company and what we're looking forward to in the future.

February marked the one-year anniversary of Brett Rogers, our visionary and founder, becoming KDI’s first employee and uniting a team of more than 30 over the past twelve months behind a common mission and vision that continues to grow today.

During this time, our team has expanded to include a passionate group of individuals with a wide variety of experiences and expertise ranging from start-ups and large enterprises to construction and technology industries.

The opportunity to build our team and company is exciting to say the least. 

It’s a roller coaster - fun, exciting, and sometimes scary as hell. No two days are the same, with many ups, downs, twists and turns, but at the end of the ride we all line back up to ride again, together. We all love the excitement and the results of our daily hard work, knowing that what we are building is going to change the future of infrastructure delivery.


Coming Together

Brett founded KDI in the height of the COVID pandemic, which means we have a 100% remote work environment. 

Our current team members reside in 7 states with experience in close to 50 countries. We also have an amazing group of partners located internationally. We’ve diligently worked on processes and initiatives that have created a cohesive team environment with solid relationships.


Staying Connected

So how do we keep everyone connected in such a seemingly disconnected time? Is it organic? Is someone specifically facilitating this process? 

We’re deliberately hiring individuals who are both committed to the success of the company and culturally aligned to create an environment where communication and collaboration are the top priorities. Heck, InfrastructureBuilder.AI is effectively an information management and communication platform so we better be excellent communicators ourselves.

Technology evolved quickly with the isolation requirements of the pandemic. As a technology company, we knew we had to leverage technology resources to engage and integrate our team while working 100% remotely. 

Our team members and those communication tools came together at the right time for “perfect storm” conditions to fuel our team’s culture that exists today.

This has been a game-changer for the evolution of our team, and the work that we’ve been able to accomplish in one year is tremendous. 

We’re committed to utilizing the best technical resources to keep our team actively engaged:

Scheduling 1-on-1s amongst our team members is a major part of our culture to collaborate and ensure objectives keep moving forward. Virtual happy hours and holiday parties with “get to know you” games have fostered our team’s growth, development, and our ability to bond with one another. 

The utilization of Slack and the creation of various channels have fostered the ability to bond over random topics, pets, books, movies and more. (Our team’s meme game is pretty strong!)

For our team, being able to see each other on camera to develop ideas and concepts is a welcomed part of every day. 

We’ve also been able to have two company-wide offsites despite challenging travel and logistics brought on by the pandemic. 


KatalystDI_Team Offsite 2020


Most recently, our offsite hosted outside of Portland, OR included lots of ice breakers and realizations that some people were much taller (or shorter) than they appeared on screen. The opportunity to meet in person and have daily intensive workshops was a powerful and critical moment in our journey.

Those sessions, deep-dive conversations, and debates culminated with the team developing and aligning on our focused mission today: KatalystDI is the technology company optimizing construction by deeply integrating supply chain into planning, design and execution.  

At the end of the day - and the end of a year’s journey - we’re building a team that’s dedicated to the company’s vision. We believe that what we’re creating is revolutionary and that will change the construction supply chain for future generations.


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