Integrating the Construction Supply Chain: KatalystDI x Palantir

With Palantir's Foundry, KatalystDI is able to unlock an approach for aggregating, understanding, and finding insight into construction supply chain data.

Data is an inevitable part of any business today.

For construction, we're just at the start of the data revolution.

All across the industry, companies are digitizing to provide customers with better cost and schedule performance. The pandemic put pressure on demand for buildings and the supply chains that support them.

In turn businesses are faced with time-sensitive decisions with riskier outcomes. Not only is more accurate data required to drive decisions, but so too are the analysis systems to evaluate those increased data streams.

In this current state, construction data is notoriously difficult to work with; it’s fragmented, disaggregated across a widely distributed set of stakeholders, and often not standardized. This drives a requirement for more people to manually digitize and translate information, often incompletely and driven by a schedule. Once digitized, getting this information to integrate is another challenge. Software is often generalized across a wide market, putting friction between data transfer. These issues lead to decisions made with incomplete information.

These are problems our technology can solve.

KDI’s platform facilitates the process for stakeholders to organize their designs into progressive packages that align with the supply chain. This defines a project like a product and organizes the connection points where supply chain data such as inventory, lead time, cost, and resource availability can be used to optimize purchase and planning decisions.

Optimizing Solutions

In early customer engagements, we realized just how big of a problem we’re facing. As we mapped even relatively simple projects to a supply chain, we soon found ourselves nearly ten contractual tiers deep with hundreds of stakeholders. We knew we needed a digital solution, and supporting that level of work manually simply wasn’t scalable.

Enter Palantir’s Foundry for Builders Program.



With our focus on optimizing construction by integrating supply chains, Foundry enables us to unlock an approach for aggregating, understanding, and finding insight into construction supply chain data that creates a competitive advantage for our customers.

The nature of how Foundry works as a tool ecosystem allows us to distribute connected work across disciplines. As we formalize workflows around our expertise in digital infrastructure, we’re able to link common threads from disaggregated data repeatably and securely.

With Foundry laying the groundwork to integrate across an immense pool of outside data sources and KDI linking those data sources with projects defined like a product, real problems can be solved:

  • Changes in market lead times are identified early before they impact project delivery.
  • Purchases can be scaled across large programs.
  • Value stream production maps can be developed to ensure the right throughput and inventory is managed at each level.

What’s more, as we help our customers draw signals across their data, they need to have confidence in our ability to both interpret and protect their data. With Foundry, Palantir’s End-to-End Operating System, we're able to offer just that.

Interested in learning how the KDI platform can support your next construction project? Request more info.



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