Construction Supply Chain

Design for Supply Chain

What if you knew of potential project delays during week 1 of your design process? What if you had the ability to probe the marketplace for other...

Construction Supply Chain

Modular Construction 101

A structure made up of one or more modules is known as a modular building. Modular Construction is one of the hottest topics in the Construction...

Katalyst DI

Our Culture | The Problem Statement

Data does not lie, however, interpretation of your data can be misleading. Asking the right question helps in your interpretation of data and hard...


Our Culture | Tools for the Job

Here are 3 key lessons we've found when choosing hardware and software if you are building a new team.


What do you know about Katalyst?

TLDR: Why are we writing this blog today? We have a new website that accurately describes what we do. We would love you to take a look around!


What is DFMA in Construction?

What is DFMA in construction and why is it important? Thinking about your Bill of Materials for each package or product enables you to optimize for...

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